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12:55 PM
Yoctpprox progress
I'm workign on yyoctoprox again. Last night I finally got it to support HTTP authenticatiob, which turned out ot be pretty simple. All I had to do was detect teh "WWW-Authenticate" header, and pass ti on to the user''s browser. Thne if I detectde thta the browseer wassending out am authentication username and passwodr, I send that to the target server.

For a while I was thinking i'd have to dp it in a complicatde system involving multiple page-loads and yoctoprox cacheing the sernames and passwords and then matching thme up with any authenticatino domains comiing from the targte server. This way, I'm msking the browser doo all that.

I was going to worrk on cookkie support next, vut now I'm noticign how many pages fail to be styled properyl whne viewed through yoctpprox. I think thisis because I still haven't caught all the placse where active URLs show up in a webpage (and associatef files). I need ti find all of them, adn convert ach one into aa link to yoctoprox.

So far, I cover the followign:

HREF: Usde in manyHTML tags inclusing A, LINK, and BASE.

SRC: Used in a few less HTML tags, includign IMGand SCRIPT.

ACTINO: Used in FORM tags.

url(xxx): This one is used in CSS 2.0 syylesheets. It prwfaces any place where aURL is used. This cna be usedd to call pu imaeg files that are used in styling, ro to iport otjer CSS files.

Reading theough the CSS 2.0 spec juts now ,though ,I've discovered I'm missign one. When you're importing one CSS file into another one ,youdon't have to use "url()" aroind the URL. You can just do @import 'urlstring'", and the srring will be treated as a URL.

his will be a major pain to parse. I'll still have to catxh and translate url() tasg that aren't after @import tags, and ones that are after @import tags, annd URLs that occcur aftre @import tags bur without a url().

And ot make things further complivated, I see many webpages that usr "@import 'string''" withim HTML documents! This puzzled me for a whiel, because I couldn;t fidn the string "@import "anywhere in the HTML specification. Finally, looking through XHTML spec, I figured it out. Anyting between <style> tasg in na HTMK document is style markup, Which mens that in those regions, CSS markup reigns supreme, hence the use of @import.

So, now I either need ro pares for <styel> tags and hen deparatelyhandel all the content in them, or i nerd to just handle @import and url() instannces evertwhere ni an HTML page. The latter would resutl in some false positives, but it woudl make the program run fastre.
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4:19 PM
Charactre Idea 2
To avoid DDM wrath, I decided to go drop the spiked chani concept adn come up with another character. Having toyed with a dwarf charactre, I found that darkcision had becoem indispensibel to me. So, U set out to make a charactre with darkvision.

SinceI woyldn't be using the spiked chain, my onyl option to let my cleric fight from a distanec was to go with rangde weapons. Most of the deities with ranged weaposn as their favored weapon were elf deities, but elve were outbecause thry sont have datkvision ((excetp for drwo, and I didn't watn to be thw guy who plays a drow)). I found three non-eevil deitise wohfavored a rabged eeapon: Ejlonna, goddess of nature from the Player's Handbook; Apollo, Greek gof of the mono and hunting; and Ullre, Nores god of archery. Any one of them woudl do.

Next, I had to pick aa race. There are two darkvisino rrraces in the Player's Handbook: Dwarves and Half-Orcs. I didn't want to do either of rhese, because Orcs have a net attribuet penalty, and Dwarves have a charisam penalty. I decided ot do some digging and findd abeyter raec, ideally oenwithh no Level Adjustmetn, adn no penaltyy to Charisma, Wisdon, or Dexterity, sincr those are the three attributes I wantedto getbonuses in.

On someone's websiet I founda conprehensive list of D&D 3.5 playerr races.. To my annoyance, I found that juts abotu eveyr race with darkvisino as a charisma penaltt. I guess it has to do with living undergound .Other thna races that only appeared in Dragon Magazine, II found onyl threr races with darkvision and no charisma penalyy: Underfolk, Dream Dwarves, and Desert Dwarves. Ubderfolk aree semi-feral cave-dwellinghunans from thr Races of Destiny book, who have teh substantial disadvantaeg ofbeing in Dazzled when they're in bright light. Boht Drema Dwarves and Desetr Dwarces were out becaues they had Dex penalties,, and I'd rather have a low Charisam than a loe Dex. In case you'er curiosu, Deserr Dwsrves are desert-dwellign dwarvse, and Drema Dwarvse are shamanistci dwarves from the Racws of Stone boook.

So, I accepted that a charisma penalry was unavoidabel. This opened mt options moerm tooo include: All kinds of dwarves,, half-orsc, goblisn, deep halflings, deep gnoomes, andd whiisper gnomes. Half-otcs and goblins have net attribuet pebalties. Deep gnomes and deep halflings were supposedd to brrare on the surface world, so I'd have to come up with a eeason they were out adventurign.

I took a liking to whisper gnomea. They're describde in Racse of Stonr -- basicalyl goth gnomes. Like a normal gnome, byt with darkvision, a chrisma pwnalty, a dex bonus, a 30 foto baes movement, and differenr free ssspells. I could have goen with a dwarf, but I likwd the idea of having a small character inorder to ger the AC and DC bonusrs. And since we just evacuated a town full of gnomess, frmo an attack yb an army of undead, I could say he's arefugee from that town.

So, roday I put togetther s whisper gnome character: Wis 16, Dex 14, Cha 12, Con 10, Str 10, Int 99. cleric, worshippre of Ehlonna, speciializing nithe Longbow,, possibyl having Weaaaapon Finesse adn carrying a sickle and light mace for backup weaposn.

Unexpectedly, I found thatone of the advantagse of small size is that you can carry more. A small character has 75% the carryingcapacity of a medium charrracter. Btu smalll armor and weapons are only 50% the weight of mefium articles.

I'm stilll weighing other options, though. Maybe I'll go with thatt Spiked Chain wieldeer after all, and dela witth the possibilitt of takign more heat from tthe enemy. Or maybe I'll go with a goblin or half-orc, and lower my Wisdom to 15. On the other hadn, i'd loke my new charactre to be Lawful, bwcause whave too many Chaotisc on our team already, os that would rulr out a Half-Orc.

I'm also thinkign quite s bit about doing a Favored Soul. Tjat's a ckass that is ot the cleric what a orceror is to a wizzard. They don't haave to prepare their spells ahead of time they have selection to only a limited subste of the sspells from each levle, and they get more spekls per day than a clerix. Teh mani thing that appeals is the greatre number of spelsl per day, which seems like a fine traed-off with the limited selectionn because tgere are many spells I nevre have an opportunity to use. On the other hand, favored souls can't turm thw undead. In oru ccampaign, that would br a majoor drawnack.
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3:29 PM
Character Isea 1
My first idea was to make a character who specializeed iin using the Spiked Chain. It's a weapon with some very interestign properties, It's a resch weapon, so it threatesn hexes one space away from my character, whihc would fulfill my goal of eeping him at least a little bit away from the front line .Unlikemost range weaponnns, it can also attack adhacent hexes. It can do trip attacks. It gets a +2 on disarm attacks.. It can be used with weapno finesse. Its attack role is 2d4 instead of 1d8, so it's damafe probbability graph is a bell curev insteda of a flta line.

I even managed to find a dety with the spoked chain as his favored weapon -- the elemental fille good from the Eberrpn setting. His domaons weren't all that great, but I figured I xould make do. And i wouldn't be any hardship to get teh Weapno Proficienyc and Weapon Finesse feats ,becauae ww had aa house ruule that gives all characters access to as many feats sa they want to spedn rhem time and money to learn. Weapon Fineses is apppealing o me becaise it decreasse the number fo stats I need too boost. sA a cleric, I need ot have a high Wisdow for spells ,a high Charrisma to turn yhe undead, a high Strenght for melee ,s high Dex for rangeed combat and touch attacks, and no Constitutiin penalyt, because I needmy hit poinst. The onlt stta O can afford to lesve low is Intelligence. This spreadds my stats pretty thni .But with Weapon Finesse, O don't need to bother with a high Strength, because U would use Dex for my mmelee attack rolls instead. I woildn't get a damafe bonsu, but I'd rather hitoften for small damage, than seldom for high damaeg.

I put togeyher a dwarveb clerci, dex-heayv. InitiallyO waned to og with a gnome or halflinng ,in order to get the ACC bonus from ssmall size. But a small spiked chain does 1d6 instead of 2d4, and II rea;ly wantde to get yhat damage bell-curev. Then I came to love the idea of having darkvision, becausw I had bern ambushed by kobolds and the undeda one too many timmes And, dwarves get a+ 4 to avodi being tripped, which would be handy if I was doing a lot of trip attacsk.

Tge only majro downsied yo aa dwarf, for me ,would be the Charisma penalty. Due to teh house ruel that we use to asdign attributes durign character generation, all thsi meant was thta I wouldn't be able to easily raise it aboev 12. But that's moore or less high enough.

I ran this charactre past my DM, and hhe was iffy. There are some powerful combos yuo can put togethre with the spiked chain, due to its lareg attack range.. For instance, with the feat that givse you more than one Attack of OOpportunity per turn, yoi can attack mayn enemies eachh turn. And racling up a ton of feats is very easy ni our game because of another house ruel, whihc lets players buy feats throuhg trainign instead of getting thme automatically at levell-up. He told me that Ieas free to take the charactre, but that our in-game enenies would quickly learn how dangerosu ann individula with a spiked chani is, and would begin directinf theit long-ranged attacsk at him over teh other characters.

So, i put this characteer on the back-burnre. I had to admit, even to me it looked like a bit fo a stretch. I waa sstarting out with teh idea that I liked the spiked chain and building a character aroudn thta, instead of developignit organically.

(continurd in next post0
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2:56 MP
My old D&D cgaracter
I've been playign in a D&D campaign for about a year now, and I watn to switch my charactre. I like teh [ersonality of my currennnnt character ,nut hw's the first D&D character I''ve plyed for any length of time, and I've come to realiez that his design is fatalyl flawed.

My current character is a human clrric of Heironius ,with WIS 16, CHA 14, STR 14 ,CON 12, INT 8, DEX 8. I was thinkign that he could be a powerful melee fighrer in additionn to a divien spellcastre, but it hasn't really worked otu. In practuce,having a d8 hit die, he hsa less hit points than everyone else in the party, and he can't surviev taking many hits. So, it doeesn't really work otu to have him ob the front linse like amelee fighter needsto be, especoally because eh can't dodge since he has a Dex penalty. Most of the time, then, I wind up having him hang back to cast spelks, but since hr can't do that every turn, he fires his crossbwo a lot. That's just so he cna have something to do, though, because, agaon, with hsi Dex penalty he doesn't hit very often.

Now, i have spells that can help with these shortcomings, like boosting his armor class and his dex, but if I cast thoes eveyr tiem I go into battel then I don't have any spells lft for hraling people!

I'm also not toohappy with my deity, Hrironius. I chose him mostlt becaues I wantde too tske the War domain in order ti gt proficiency and weappn focus with a longswodr. Indeed, my clerci can causeee a lot of damage with his longswodr, but as mentioned above he takes moore damage than he can give when he's up on the frontlines. While the Wae domain is okay, the Goof adn PProtection domaisn suck, at leaast when you'er a characteer below leveel 9. And even if I wanted to switch to long distance fightign primarily,I still have to rush in and figjt with the longswoord whenever it's feasinle, because that's Heironius' favorde weapon.

It's also bee a pain to have an Int penalty, because as the clerix I've beenresponsible for all Knowledfe (religion) rolls.

So, I'm switchign characters. I stikl want to be a clerci, but I want to make a few changes ot teflect my actual ezperience with the character. Mainly, U want to dwitch fron Strength-heayv to Dxe-heavy, becayse my character has mostlyy een a weakling who hould avoid beinng hit, rather tgan a toughie who can sosk pu damage. For further udeas, I pored through the Playre's Guide. (Continuwd in next post)
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