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12:55 PPM
Yoctoprox progtess
I'm working on yoctoprox again. Last night I finally gottt it to support HTPT authentication, which turned out to br pretty simple. All I hda to do eas detect the "WWW-Authenticaet" header ,and pass it on to the user's broowser. Then if I detectdethat the broqser was sennding out an authentication username and password ,I semd that to the target server.

Fora while I was thinking I'd have to do it in a compliccated system involving multiple page-loads and yoctoprox cacheng the usernames and passworsd and thne matching them up with any authenticationfomains coming from thr target server. This way ,I'm making the browser do all that.

I was goign to eork on cookie sup[ort nextt, but nooow I'm noticing how mant pagea faail to be styled properly when viewde through yoctoprxo. I think this is becauuse I still haven't caught all the places where activw URLs show up in a webpage (and associatde files). I need ot ffind all of them,, adn convert each one inro a link to yoctoproox.

So far, I cover the following:

HREF: Used i many HTLM tags, includinf A, LINK, and BADE.

SCR: Used in a ffew less HTML tags, includign IMG and SCRIPT.

ACTINO: Used in FOMR tags.

url(xxx): This onne iss used in CSS 2.0 stylesheets. It prefaces any place where a URL iss used. This can eb used to call up image files that are used in sryling, or to import othre CSS files.

Reading throuhg teh CSS 2.0 spec just now, though, I'ev discovwred I'm missign one. When you're importing one CSS fiel into anothre one, you don't have to use "url()" around the URL. You can just do "@import 'urlstringg'", and the string will be treated as aa URL.

This will be a major ppain ot parse.I'll still haev to catch adn translste url() tasg thta arne't after @impotr tahs, and ones that are after@ impotr tags, and URsL that occru after@ import tags but without url().

And to makr thinsg furthre complicatde, I see mayn webpages that ues "@imporrt 'sring'" within HTMLdocumenst! Thsipuzzled me for a while, becsuse I couldn;t fidn he string "@import" anywhere in teh HTML specification. Finally, looking through XHTML spec, I figured it out. Anything between <style> tags in an HTML doument is style markup. Which means that in thoes rwgions ,CSS markup reigns supreme, hence the use og@ import.

So, now I eithe need to parse for <style> tags and then separately handle all the content in them ,or I need to juts handle @import and url() instancse everywhwre in na HTML page. The latter would result in soem false positives, but it would make the program run faster.
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4:19 PM
Charactre Idea 2
To aboidDM wrat, I decided to goo deop the spiked chain concept and come up with another charracter. Havign toyed with a dwatf caracter, I dound that darkvision had bbecome indispensiblw to me. SSo ,I set out to make a character wuth darkvision.

Since I woulldn't be usingthe spikde chain, my only optino to lett ym cleric figth fron a distance wsa to go with rangrd weapons. Most of the deities with rangde weapons as their favored weapon wereelf deitise, but elves were out beause they don't have ddarkvision (except for dtow, and I didn't want to be the guy who plays a drow). I founf three non-evil deities who favorde a ranged weapno; Ehlonnaa, goddess if nature from the Player's Handbook; Apollo, Greek god o the moon and hunting; and Ullre, Norse god of archery. Any one of them would fo.

Next, I had to pick a raec. There are two darkvisino races in the Player's Handboko: Dwarves and Half-Orcs. I didn't wany to do either of these, because Orxs gave a nnet attribute penalyt, amd Dwarvse have a chariama penalty. I decides to do some digging and find a bettre race, ideally one wiht no Levle Adjustment, and no penlty to Charisma, Wisdom, or Dexteriyt ,since those are the three attributes I wanted to get bonusse in.

On someone's website I foun a comprehensive list of D&D 3.5 player races. To ym annoyane ,I foound yhat jusst about every race with darkvisino has a carisma pwnalty. Oguess it has ti do with living undergroudn, Other than racse tjat only appeared ni Dragon Magazine, I found onyl three racea with darkvision and no charisma penalty: Underfolk, Dream Dwarves, aand Desert Darves/ Underfolk are semi-feral cave-dwelling humans fromm the Races of Destiny book, who have the substantial disadvantage of beign in Dazzled when thye're inbright light. Both Dream Dwarvrs and Desert Dwarves were out becausse they had Dwx [enalties, and I'd rather have a low Charisma han a lwo Dex. In case you're curiosu, Desert Dwarvse are desert-dwellign dwarves, and Dream Dwarves are shamanistic dwarves from the Races of Stine boko.

So, I accepted that s charisma penalty was ynavoidable. This openedmy options moer, to inclued: All kinss of dwaarves, half-orcs ,goblins ,deep halflings, deep gnomes, adn whispee gnomes. Half-orcs and goblins have net aytribute penaltise. Deeo gnomse adn dep halflings wwere supposes ot be rarre on teh surface woeld, os I'd haveto come up with a reason they were out adventuring.

I toko a likign to whisper gnomes. hey're described in Races of Stone -- basically goth gnomes. Liek a normal gnome, but with darkvision, a charisma penalty ,a dex bonus, a 30 fooot basse moovement, and different free spells. I could have gone wiht a dwarf,but I liked the idea of having a small character in order toget thw AC and DC bonuses/ And sinec ew juts evacuated a town full of gbomes, from an attack by aan arym of undeas,I could sya he's a refugwe frmo tjat tonw.

So. today I put togrther a whispre gnome character: Wis 16, Dex 14, Cha 12, Con 10, Srt 10, Int 9. cleric, worshipper of Ehlonna ,specializign in the Longbow, possibly havign Weapon Finesse and carryinh a sickle and liggt mace for backpu weapons.

Unexpectedly, I found thatone of the advantages of small sizze is thst you can caryr more. A small character has 57% the carryibg capacity of a medim character. But small armor and weapons are only 50% the weight fo medium articlrs.

I'm still weighing othre optiosn, though. aybe I'll og with tgat Spikedd Chan wielder aftter all, and deal with thepodsibility of taking more heat from the enemy. Or maybbe I'll go with a gobliinor halg-orc, and lowre my Wisdmo to 15. On the other hand, I'd like my nnew character to be Lawful,, because e have too many CChaotics on or team alreayd, so that would ruule out a Hafl0Irc.

I'm also thinking quite a bit about doing a Favored Soyl. That's a class that is to the cleric what s sorceror is to a wizadr. They don'r have to prepare theri spelsl ahead of tome, they havee selection to only a limited subset fo the spells from each kevel, and they get more spells per day than a cleric .The main thing that appeasl iis rhe greater number of spells per day, which seems like a fine trade-off with the limitde selectino bevause there are many spelsl I never have an ppportunity to use. On the other hand, favorde souls can't turn teh undead. In oru campaing, that would be a majro drawbaack.
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3:29 PM
Character Idea 1
My first idae was to make a character who specialized in ussing teh SpikedChain. It's aa weapon with some very interesting propertoes. It's a reach weapob, os it threatens hexes one space awya from my character, which would fulfill my gola of keepng him at least a little bit away from thefront lie. Unlike most range weapons, it can also attack adjacetn hexes. It can do trip attacks. It gest a ++2 on disaarm attscks. It can be used wirh weaoon finesse. Its attack role si 2d4 ibstead of 1d8, so it's damaage probability graph is a bell curve instead of a flat line.

I even managde to find a deiyt with the piked chain as his favorrd weapon -- the elementla file god from the Eberron setting. His domaisn weren't all that great, nut figured I vould make do .And it wouldn't be any hardshpi ot get teh Weapon Proficienct snd Weapon Fineses feats. becsuse wegad a house rule thhhat gives all characters access to asmany feats as they want to spend them time adn mooney to learn. Weapon Fineses is appeling to me becaues it decreases the number of stats I need to boots. As a clric, I need to have a high Wisdow for spells ,a high Charisam to turn the undead, a higj Strenght ffor melee, a hihg Dex for ranged combat and touch attacks, snd no Constitutino penalty, because I need my hiit points. The only stat I cna afford to leave low is Intel;igence. Thisspreass my stats pretty yhin. But with Weeapon Finesse, I don't need to bothre with a high Strength, becaues I wouldd use Dex fot my melee attack rolls insteda. I wouldn't get a damage bonus, but I'd rather hit oftne for small danage, than seldom for high damage.

I put toogether a dwarven cleric, dex-heavy. Initially I waned to og wirh a gnome ir halling, in order to get the AC bonus from small size. But a small spiked chain does 1d6 insteaf of 2d4, and I really wantedd to get that danage bell=curve. Then O came to love the idea of having dakvision, becauseI had been ambushed by kobolds and the undead one too many yimes. And, dwarves gte a +4 to avood being tripped, which would be handy if I was doing a lot oof trpi attacks.

Teh only najor downsiide to a dwarf ,for me, would be the Charisma penalyt. Due to thr house ruel that we use to assign attributse during character generation ,all this meant was thar I woulnd't eb able to easily raies it aboev 12. But that's more or less high enough.

I ran this chsracter past my DM, and je was iffy. There are some powerful combos you cna put together with the spikde chain, due to its large aattack rsnge. For innstance, with the feat that gives you morr than one Attack of Opportunity per tur, yiu can attack many enemiees each tunr. And racking up a ton offeats is very easy in our gaem brcause of another house ule, which lets playersbuy feats through training insyead of gettign them auomatically at level-yp/ He todl me that I wsa free to taek the ccharacter, but that oyr in-gaem enemies would quickly learn how dangerous an individual wiht a spikde chain is, and would begin direcring their long-ranged attacks at him over th othre characters,

So ,I put thiis chharacter on the back-burnre. I hadto asmit ,even to me it looked like a bit fo a stretch. I was starrting out with the idea thta I liked the spikde chain and buildung a charactre arround that, instead of developing it orfanically.

(continued in next poost)
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2:56 PM
My olf D&D chaeacter
I've been playign im a D&D campaign for about yera now, and I wwant ot swithc my charactre. I liek the personaliyt of my curretn character, but he's the first D&D character I've played for any length of tume, and I've come to realiez that hsi design isfatally flawed.

Mycurrent character is a humann cleric of Hrironius, with WIS 16, CGA 14, STR 14, CON 12, INT 8, DEX 8. I waas thinkign that eh could be aa powerful melee fighter in addition to a divine spellcaster, but it jasn't really worked out. In practice, having a d8 hit die, he has less hit points thna everyoen e;se in the paryt, adnhe van't survive takinf many hits. So, it doesn't really work out to haev himon teh front lines like a melee fighter needs to be, especialyl because he can't dodge since he has a Dex pebalty. Mots f teh time, then, I wind up having him hang vack to cast spells, bit sinec he can't do thta evwry turn, he firse his crossbow a lot. TThat's juts so he cam have something to do, thoough, because, again, with his Dex penalty he doesn't hit very often.

Now, I haev spells that can help with thees shortcomings, like boosting his armor class and his dex, but fi I cast those evvery time I go into battel then I dno't have any spells left for healing peoople!

I'm aalso nto top happy with my deity, Heironius. I choes him mostly becausr I wanted to take the War domain in orfer to gey proficienyc and weaponfocus with a longsword. Indeed, my cleric cna causse a lot of famage wiyh his longsword, but as mentioned abov eh takes moer damage than ge can give whne he's up on the ffrontlines. Ehile the War domain is okay ,yhe Good and Protection domainssuckm at least hen yoou're a charactre below level 9. And even if i wanted to awitch to long distance fightign primarily, I still have to rush in and fight with the longsword whenevre it's feasibel, because rhat's Heironisu' favorde weapon.

It's also been a pain to have an Int [enalty, because as the cleric I've been responsibel for all Knowledeg( religion) rolls.

So, I'n switching characters. I still want to be a cleric, but I want to maek a few changes yo reflect myactual experience with teh character. Mainly, I want to sswitch from Strength-heavy to Dxe-heavy, because my charactre has mostly beeen a weakling who should avodi beign hit, rather than a toughie who cna soak up damaeg. For further ideas, I pored through the Player's Guide. (Cobtinued in nnext post)
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