Guns Fucking Rawk!!!

Guns are safe. They were invented by scientists for the purpose of protecting us and nothing is less safe than not having a gun. There are some fucking liberals out there who want to take away your guns so that the New World Order, under the control of the Gnomes of Zurich, can come marching into your living room and then what are you going to do to keep them from stealing your bible and your gold coins? Your civil rights? That marihuana you liberals love to smoke? Your collection of child pornography? Satan himself?

The truth is that gun safety was invented by the Devil in order to take away guns from God-fearign Christians like me. It's a lie, to make you think that guns aren't safe so you won't keep them in your house, at easy access, loaded at all times with the (so-called) "safety" off, because it's less safe to have to push a button before you can shoot the 300 pound man running at you on PCP in your living room in suburban Des Moines.

God bless,

GunSlinger 666

This page last updated 8/3/1996