Aaron G. Wells

Hi, I'm Aaron G. Wells. If you're here, you probably already know who I am, so I'm not too afraid of drawing stalkers from posting personal information here since if you already know who I am, then you're probably already stalking me. Besides, this page prominently posts my picture, which ought to be enough to dissuade any stalkers. Incidentally, the women's spelling for my name is "Erin". As you can see from the US Census Bureau's 1990 data regarding the most frequent first names in the US, "Aaron" is the 77th most common men's name in the US, while "Arron" ranks 790th, "Erin" ranks 802nd, and "Aron" ranks 864th. All the variations on my name are at more than 10 times less common than plain old A-A-R-O-N, and yet I see them almost as often as I see people just spelling my name correctly. Admittedly, I pronounce my name in way that people from the East Coast would pronounce the name "Erin", but it's a subtle difference and one that people on the West Coast don't observe with this name or with any other word. (For the uninitiated, "Aaron" is pronounced with a leading short-a sound [as in "can"], while "Erin" is pronounced with a leading short-e sound [as in "air"])

But that's enough of that particular rant. As a person with a very frequently mis-spelled name (I have only ever met or heard of 1 "Arron" in all my years), I've got a lot of bitterness built up.

Back before domain name squatters took over the web, I registered the domain names aaronwells.com,aaronwells.net, and aaronwells.org. I guess I don't really need all three domain names, but no other Aaron Wellses have ever contacted me wanting to get them. They're probably content with aaronwells.info or aaronwells.tv or something. There do seem to be a few Aaron Wellses who are deservedly more famous than me, including a couple of stockbrokers, several college athletes, a TV producer, and two people on imdb.com, but none of them seem to be as big of web-geeks as me, which is probably for the best.

My great grandmother Bertha Hunt Wells (daughter of Harriet Hunt, who has a lake named after her near Ketchikan Alaska) was apparently very much into genealogy. Among her records is a type-written sheet tracing her ancestry back to Miles Standish, captain of the Mayflower, which means I'm probably related to a lot of WASPs out there. There was also another sheet tracing the Wells name back across the Atlantic to Colchester County in the year 1590. There's a replica of it here. As you can see from that record, I'm also a direct ancestor of Jonathan Wells, a minor celebrity in King Philip's War, the so-called "boy hero of the battle of Turner's Falls". Of course, I'm not really sure how accurate Bertha's research was, or whether it may have been affected a bit by wishful thinking. Comparison of her family tree with other online sources, for instance, shows my Wells line going not through Jonathan Wells but through his brother Ebeneezer.

I guess I can be contacted at aaronwellsorg2@iowaline.net, but I can't see why you'd ever want to do that.

I love you all.


This page last updated 10/16/1984