Missing 2

When I held you for that first time, that first night, my arms missed you that night when you were gone. Now, they miss you always.
After that first kiss, that first night of embracing, my mouth was dry for want of your mouth, my lips gasping for lack of your lips in soft pressure against them. Now, my lips kiss only one another, pursed in longing for your kiss.
After I cradled you in my arms for one whole night, your body on my body, your flesh on my flesh, your soft presence pressed against my side, your face cradled on my chest and your legs mingled with mine, after I held you and watched you, sleeping like an angel so perfect, and brushed back your hair and kissed you and dared not move forever so that it wouldn't end, I missed you when time came again and its swift gears pried us apart once more.
Now, those gears have spread us apart forever, and each night as I sleep alone, curled about thin air, I miss you.