On The Difficulties of Girlfriends (and Boyfriends) Who Don't Know That You Can Also Have Girl Friends (and Boy Friends) Who You Don't Date and Who Aren't a Threat to Their Supremacy, Although You Hung Out a Lot But That's Only Because You Had No One Else to Hang Out With and They Were There and You Can Look at a Member of the Opposite Sex Without Wanting to Screw Them, and That's the Case Here, and It's Not Like She Showed Up In My Dreams Once or Twice and So What If She Did (Not That I'm Saying She Did) and It Wasn't Anything Dirty, or At Least Usually Not Dirty, Which Is To Say Not Dirty At All (Nervous Laugh), and So Maybe I Talk About Her a Lot But That's Only Because I Hung Out With Her a Lot and She Gave Me Many Books That I've Been Reading Lately and That's Not a Sign of Love, It's Just a Sign of Affection and She's More Like a Mother to Me and She's Nothing Compared to You, Doll, and It's not Like She's My Ideal Woman or Nothing Because, of Course, You Are, My Sweet. Now Kiss Me. Oh, Don't Be Like That.
"Amanda and I
Went there together," I say.
Heather is jealous.
(a note on the poems with the really long titles)