A Poem Based on the Idea that the Title is a Lot Longer than the Actual Poem, Which May Seem Like a Pretty Weak Concept, But, Hey, I had Writer's Block at the Time. C'mon, Let's See You Do Better, You Hypocrite. Anyhow, This Haiku, Well, Actually, It's a Senryu, Was True When I Wrote It, But Of Course Now It's a Little Off, Well, Actually It's Off By About Six Months Off. Oh, Whoops, I'm Rambling. Why I Don't I Just Let You Read the Poem Now? Yeah, That's a Good Idea, I Think I'll Just Do That. Okay, Goodbye.
I saw "Four Weddings
And a Funeral" last week.
It was pretty good.
(a note on the poems with the really long titles)