Two Headlights

In an '86 Stanza I glide beneath the glowing lights
That shine upon a street without a name.
Brick walls stretch forever 'neath the starlight-empty ether
Where Luna and the Luxor play their game.
The world slips along with the radio's song.
I pause to watch the amber, red, and green,
Travelling alone down roads I've never known,
The headlights showing sights I've never seen.
The wind's fingers brush my hair, I breathe in deep the cool night air.
The April night seeps deep into my mind.
The road out in front of me stretches to infinity;
That's far enough to leave it all behind.
(On a side note, I wrote this poem back in '97, when the Wallflowers song "One Headlight" was constantly on the radio. I loved the song, so I always had it in my head. To get it out of my head, I wrote the above poem, to the tune of One Headlight.)